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Camlab (Jemima Wyman and Anna Mayer)

Performance Interpretation

No News is News No Better
(Thank Yous and Love to Jade Thacker)

Exchange Rate is pleased to introduce the collaborative duo, CamLab, who, assisted by their talented transcriber Jade Thacker, are glad to bring you the news from tomorrow. The anxiously-awaited future is coming to us from Brisbane, Australia, where Jemima Wyman joins us from November 5th, 2008. We will now proceed with today’s transmission–or is it tomorrow’s?–via mobile telephone, the human voice, and every last cell of CamLab’s loving body. Free your mind to tune in to sounds from the day after. The day after what, you ask? Well, it’s the day after the day after yesterday.

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Performance Directions

Running Mate

Tired of running away from debts, deficits, and defeatist thinking? CamLab is in search of a running mate. We are predictable paradoxes who just want someone to understand our contradictions, hypocrisies, and appetites. Our ticket needs balancing. Can you fill in our gaps? Run in time with us; we will pace ourselves to find synchronized steps that are symbiotic. We are standing our ground but are desperate for the ground we stand upon to be forever changed. Complete our lack of percentile difference! Seeking someone who will hold up our convictions, participate in all our positions, and generally help us confect a composite image of a well-rounded contender. We wish to create a more widespread appeal for our ticket by expanding CamLab’s appeal across geographic and ideological lines. The choice of our running mate depends on the size of the prospective candidate’s capacity to fill our deep void. Complete us and we will enjoy the many benefits of a more perfect union. Can you love us deeply, and never, never tire of serving us? Run in time with us and we can change the world, together. Email


CamLab is collaboration between Jemima Wyman (b. 1977) and Anna Mayer (b. 1974), begun in December 2005 at the California Institute of the Arts. Graduating with their MFAs in 2007, CamLab has exhibited in group exhibitions at Track 16 in Los Angeles, The Block, Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and Ladyfest in Copenhagen. In 2007 CamLab had a solo exhibition at 40000 in Chicago.


Pillow Talk Foreplay with Blue Skies and Scissors, 2007 digital photo documenting performance (#1). This was a 6-hour performance on a bed placed by CamLab in the dining room of 29025 Eveningside Drive, Val Verde, CA. The performance involved the modification of various participants’ clothing using swatches of fabric cut from the bed’s duvet cover. The physical proximity achieved during the process of sitting on the bed with participants and hand-sewing their clothing allowed for intimate conversations and non-verbal exchanges.

Apex Cryptophores: Critical Field Craft, 2007 (production still) digital photo, 24” x 36”