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Karen Atkinson

Conventions and Attitudes (a projected exhibition)

Conventions and Attitudes, a projected exhibition of over 100 artists nationally and addresses issues related to the election will be presented as part of Exchange Rate: 2008. Two projection sites continuously presented the work over the course of the Exchange Rate election night vent on Nov. 4. Curated by Karen Atkinson.

Conventions & Attitudes artists:
Cathy Akers, Steven L. Anderson, Karen Atkinson, Kimo Arbas, Annabelle Aylmer, Mariona Barkus, John Barlog & John Burtle, Chris Bassett, Chelsea Bayouth, Laurel Beckman, Todd Becraft, Jodie Berry, Hayley Blatte, Elizabeth Blau, Cindy Santos Bravo, Julia Brown, Nancy Buchanan, Tommi Cahill, Audrey Chan, Barb Choit, Maryrose Cobarrubias, Clare Cornell, Akina Cox, Meg Cranston, Greg Curtis, Chad Dilley, Peter Drake, Barbara Drucker, Dana Duff, Sam Erenberg, Andrew Falkowski, Bruria Finkel, Janet Goldner, Ken Gonzales-Day, Clement Hanami, Liz Harvey, Connie Hatch, Lawrence Hegarty, Jean Hester, Monica Hicks, Chas Higginbottom, John Hogan, Hadley Holliday, Joseph Imhauser, Fiona Jack, Antwon Jackson, Siri Kaur, Gita Khashabi Meh, David Kietzman, Ronni Kim, Ari Kletzky, Shirley Klinghoffer & Sarah Hewitt, Max Lesser, Jason Kunke, Alex Lilly, Fred Lonidier, Isabelle Lutterodt, Elana Mann, Javier Martinez, Theresa Masangkay, Ian McCully,Tomas Moreno, Wendy Mason, Cynde Miller, Lisa Miller, Adele Mills, Asha Mines, Sandra Mueller, Colleen Murakami, Nikhil Murthy, Beverly Naidus, Tucker Neel, Timothy Nolan, Nate Page, Laurel Paley, Claudia Parducci, Julia Paull, Paul Pescador, Renata Petropoulos, Sheila Pinkel, Gala Porras-Kim, Nikki Pressley, Jessica Proksa, Vincent Ramos, Chris Revelle, Donald Rogers, Monica Roache & Prima Gonzalez, Sandy Rodriguez, Erika Rothenberg, Kim Russo, Stephanie Sabo, Michael Sakamoto, Sara Schnadt, Jaime Scholnick, Jim Scott, Maureen Selwood, Evelyn Serrano, Roland Seto, Sar Shahar, Katie Sivers, Mika Soma, Holly Tempo, Armando H. Torres, Nancy Kay Turner, Jason Underhill, Jaime Ursic, Ruth Wallen, Annie Walton-Teter, Michiko Yao, Liz Young, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Jody Zellen


Karen Atkinson is an installation artist, independent curator, collaborator, artist’s advocate, publisher, and editor with over 20 years experience. She has exhibited and curated shows at venues spanning 5 Continents – including Johannesburg, Sydney, Austria, Mexico, Montreal, Toronto, Havana, New York, Los Angeles, and various stops in between. Karen’s work methodically dissects history in order to reveal the un-considered side of the story: constantly returning to those aspects that remain hidden or misrepresented by posterity’s official recordings. In her diverse approaches (be it installation, public projects, web-based communities, software, or curatorial strategies) Karen’s projects happen in the traditional contexts of museums & galleries… but they also happen in overlooked places, in side streets and back alleys, at movie theaters just before the show starts, and deep inside the souls of old parking meters that’ll tell you a story for a quarter. Often focusing on the trappings of power and the ritual of labor, Karen creates inventive systems that amplify the voices of the unheard. Karen’s engages her audience as both co-author and witness: creating unpredictable cycles of new thoughts and new associations that challenges perceptions, perspectives and assumptions.