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Anyone can submit performance directions or performance interpretations to the Exchange Rate: 2008 website. Send either directions or documentation of an interpretation to (any form is welcome; video, audio, text, image, etc., etc.). Within two weeks, your submission will be reviewed and posted.

before/after, by Kyoung Kim

on 11.03.08
read the letter addressed to past me.
write the letter addressed to future me.

on 11.05.08
read the letter addressed to future me.
write the letter addressed to past me.

on 11.07.08
ignite the letters
watch them vanish


Abstraction in Red and Blue, or an aesthetic exercise for “Becoming Election.”
By Mariangeles Soto-Diaz (USA/VENEZUELA), on her first US presidential election vote.
November 08, 2008

1. Gather red and blue tape, ink or paint.
2. Prepare substrate on which to perform Becoming Election, e.g., window, paper, cardboard…
3. Make sure you have a working camera for documenting Becoming Election.
4. Gather information on how many electoral votes correspond to each state.
5. Choose a type of mark which will represent electoral votes for each state. Red or Blue marks for states voting for Republican or Democratic parties, respectively.
6. Begin an abstract composition on your substrate by making the exact number of marks (electoral votes) in their corresponding color for each state.
7. Document the abstract composition either every 8 states or every 8 minutes until done.
8. Relive your reaction at the results of the ’08 Election.

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