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Aiste Ptakauske

Performance Interpretation

Aiste Ptakauske interpreted Sibyl O’Malley’s script “Bull” as a video work in Vilnius, Lithuania. The video was shown at the Nov. 4 Exchange Rate: 2008 event in Los Angeles, CA.

“This is a low-tech modest video about high stakes and big ambitions. Its characters may look quite common and familiar. Yet its locations may seem a little strange and foreign. That is the gist: all these wranglers, cowgirls, and rodeo clowns flail around a strange arena of a foreign city in feverish expectation for somebody’s compassionate imagination to bring them back to where they really belong.” – Aiste Ptakauske

Bull from Aiste Ptakauske on Vimeo.

Performance Directions

Lucky Bastards
A second episode (in response to “Bull” by Sibyl O’Malley)
By Aiste Ptakauske
September 4, 2008
(click to download Aiste Ptakauske’s script)


Aiste Ptakauske is a Lithuanian prose writer, playwright and theater maker. Her first book of prose won a prestigious national prize for the best prose debut of the year 2003. Aiste performed with several avant-garde theater companies in numerous national and international experimental arts projects. Her plays have been performed at national, regional, and international theaters and festivals. She has recently published an article on contemporary Lithuanian playwriting in American academic theater journal “Slavic and East European Performance” Volume 28, No. 2, Spring 2008. For more information on Aiste’s work see her blog at


Aiste Ptakauske as the protagonist’s Super Ego in TABULA RASA, a production of the Reality Theater Karman (Lithuania), at experimental arts festival “Off-Beats 2” in Berlin (Germany) in 2003