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Sibyl O’Malley

Performance Interpretation

Sibyl O’Malley presented a puppet show of her script “Bull,” directed by Caitlin Lainoff with sound design by Kari Rae Seekins, at the Nov. 4 Exchange Rate election night event.

Performance Directions

An Episode
By Sibyl O’Malley
August 16, 2008
(click to download Sibyl O’Malley’s script)

Interpreted by:
Aiste Ptakauske


Sibyl O’Malley’s playwriting credits include Alice and the Majestic Guts (Toy Theater Festival/ Walt Disney Concert Hall), Yes is a long time (Bootleg Theater), Full Tilt Float (RedCat, Plaza de la Raza), Lamentations of the Pelvis (Betalevel) and The End of the Boesmani Rainbow (Celebration Theatre). Sibyl won a merit scholarship to CalArts, an Altvator Fellowship with Cornerstone Theater Company and has been commissioned by Center Theatre Group and the Community Arts Partnership. She has taught playwriting at Cal Arts, the Virginia Avenue Project, Plaza de la Raze and the Wounded Warriors program for veterans.