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Events Calendar

Aug. 30-Nov. 8
Exchange Rate: 2008 partnered up with the Unconventional gathering place ( happening at Intermedia Arts ( in Minneapolis during the Republican National Convention and beyond. Vincent Ramos sent a poster project, which manifested in Minneapolis starting with the RNC, was distributed during the Chicago Ten screening at the Walker Arts Center on October 2, and was available up to election day.

Saturday, Sept. 6
Maile Colbert and Rui Costa interpreted Adam Overton’s piece FOR WOODWINDS (MEDITATIONS). The performance took place at their home in Lisbon, Portugal. Click here to see documentation of the performance.

Monday Oct. 6, 6-8pm
Performance event at the gallery Koh-i-noor, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Søren Thilo Funder & Stine Marie Jacobsen, along with a small group, interpreted a piece by Sara Roberts, entitled “untitled music for everyone.”

Thursday, Oct. 9, 11am
Ana Fernandez interpreted a piece by Jason Kunke, entitled “Political Speech for a Hydra” (translated to “Discurso politico para un pulpo”) at the Plaza de la Independencia in Quito, Ecuador.

Friday, Oct. 10, 5pm EST
Pablo Rasgado and Kelly Kleinschrodt interpreted a piece by Liz Glynn:
Exit Strategies.” To be performed simultaneously in Mexico City and in Venice, CA in isolation / without invited audience.

Saturday, Oct. 11
Bruce Conkle interpreted a piece from Marssares at his home and around his neighborhood in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Sunday, Oct. 12
Jean Pierre Lapeyre interpreted a piece by Zackary Drucker out in the countryside miles from a decent waterhole.

Monday, Oct. 13, 2pm
Melissa Wyman interpreted two works by Vincent Ramos, “WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT BEHAVIOR” and “SEARCHIN'” in downtown Seoul, South Korea.

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 7-9pm
B/D/P at the REDCAT lounge, 631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012
Elana Mann was part of a public discussion about election-motivated projects with Ricardo Dominguez, the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Jessica Lawless, Joella March and Linda Pollack in “Talking out of Turn” hosted by Trade&Row.

Sunday, Oct. 19, morning
Michael Lazar and Marc Lewis interpreted a piece by Danielle Adair in Tel Aviv, Israel. The artwork will be documented by video artist Linda Rosenthal Nathanson.

Sunday, Oct. 26, 6-8pm
Performance evening at Sea and Space Explorations, 4755 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90042 (, in partnership with the exhibition “The Audacity of Desperation‚” ( Performances by: Danielle Adair, Dorit Cypis, Liz Glynn, Adam Overton and Sara Roberts.

Monday, Oct. 27, 7-9pm
Elana Mann spoke about Exchange Rate: 2008 at the Center for Integrated Media (IM), California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA. After the talk, Mann interpreted “Table” by Ana Fernandez with CalArts IM students.

Thursday, Oct. 30
Adam Overton interpreted two pieces, one by Zackary Drucker on York Blvd, in Highland Park, CA heading east and the other, “Untitled Aktion” by REP on a hill at Occidental College, in Highland Park, CA.

Saturday, Nov. 1
Vincent Ramos interpreted “Untitled Aktion” by REP in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Monday, Nov. 3, 9-11pm
Eric Lindley and Eva Jung interpreted various Exchange Rate: 2008 pieces at the CUNY graduate gallery, 365 Fifth Ave, New York City, NY as part of the Habeas Index organized by Linda Pollack. Conventions & Attitudes will also be shown at the gallery later in the evening.

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 7-10pm
A grand election event at Remy’s on Temple, 2126 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90026 ( Featuring performances by Danielle Adair, Camlab (Anna Mayer and Jemima Wyman), Chan and Mann (Audrey Chan and Elana Mann), Zackary Drucker, Lora Ivanova, Jason Kunke, Sibyl O’Malley (directed by Caitlin Lainoff) , Emery Martin and Adam Overton. Karen Atkinson will be exhibiting Conventions & Attitudes, a curated slide show of election themed images from over 100 artists and Gyst Ink. will be presenting a special election reception. The evening will also include live coverage of election results. Presented by Trade&Row with additional sponsorship from Company Wide Shut, Side Street Projects and GYST Inc. Suggested $5 donation at the door. After party 10:30pm at WILDNESS, the Silver Platter, 2700 W. 7th St., LA, CA 90057.
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Wednesday, Nov. 5
Luchezar Boyadjiev interpreted a piece by Lora Ivanova from the window of his apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the time when the first results from the US presidential elections started coming in and well before the winner was announced.

Thursday Nov. 6
Elana Mann interpreted a piece by Ernesto Salmeron in and around Echo Park, CA.