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Pablo Rasgado and Kelly Kleinschrodt

Performance Interpretation

Pablo Rasgado and Kelly Kleinschrodt interpreted a piece by Liz Glynn:
Exit Strategies on Oct. 10, 5pm EST simultaneously in Mexico City and in Venice, CA in isolation/without invited audience.

0-collect pen and pad of paper.
1- dig a large hole. big enough to fit a good portion of your face. make a mess.
2- insert one side of your head, ear parallel to the ground level.
3-listen. transcribe what you hear.
4-send messages to one another telepathically. dig (imaginary) underground tunnel. transcribe.
5-find a way to get through.
6-listen/write/send messages for at least 15 minutes with ear to hole.
7-blueprint the experience. draw a conceptual map of the path of our messages to one another as they travel underground from LA to Mexico and vise versa.
8-call one another, compare notes, were any messages received? passed over? felt?
9-figure out how we are going to get out of this mess. decide what coincidences are relevant and then TAKE ACTION.

performance to be documented via video and/or photography
there will be a transcription of messages heard/sent in two columns (USA) & (MEX) in chronological order
the blueprint is a conceptual map linking the experience of two people in a spatial bend trying to connect to a cultural moment.

Performance Directions

1. Use a marker to name parts of your body as cities, countries, and continents (you don’t have to be politically correct).

2. Remember on what part of your body you place every nation during your next visit to the doctor.

3. Remember on what part of your body you place every nation while reading international news.

4. Remember on what part of your body you place every nation while having sex.

Interpreted by
Lora Ivanova
Danielle Adair


Pablo Rasgado’s work responds to the necessity of discovering the implications and complicities of each material he works with. He is a visual artist born in Mexico who actually lives and works in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. He has shown some of his projects in Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Fototeca de Veracruz, Parque Fundidora, to name a few. He was a laureate with the Jovenes Creadores Grant and has also received a Mex Am Fellowship.

Kelly Kleinschrodt received her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. In the past year she has shown at PawnShop Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) in the group exhibition, Sculptrue, and in the performance compilation, Drip Event (for George Brecht). Her work was also chosen for The Humble Art Foundation’s 30 under 30: Young Women in Art Photography at the 3rd Ward Gallery (Brooklyn, NY). In October 2007, Kleinschrodt was a Resident Artist at Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT). Opening in November 2008, Kleinschrodt will have concurrent solo exhibitions with Crisp London Los Angeles Gallery (Los Angeles, CA / London, UK).

Kelly Kleinschrodt’s work has appeared in numerous group shows in the greater Boston area, including the Emerging Artists exhibition at Panopticon Gallery (Waltham, MA), Hand Made Cinema at the New England Institute of Art (Brookline, MA), and the 2005 Photographic Resource Center’s Juried Members’ Exhibition (Boston, MA). Her work has been included in group exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art (TX) and the Mobile Museum of Art (AL). In 2001, Kleinschrodt had a solo exhibition at Savage Gallery (Mobile, AL). Kleinschrodt currently lives and works in Venice, California.


Pablo Rasgado, for a sunny day, Light, darken room, 2007

Pablo Rasgado, orchestration of light, Site specific, 2005

Pablo Rasgado and Kelly Kleinschrodt, broken window (peeled)

Kelly Kleinschrodt, Rainbow Bruise