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Elana Mann

Performance Interpretation

Elana Mann interpreted a piece by Ernesto Salmeron, “Table; A public action” by Ana Fernandez as well as collaborated on a performance with Audrey Chan on Nov. 4 at the Exchange Rate: 2008 event in Los Angeles, CA.

Interpretation of “Homeland or Death” by Ernesto Salmeron:

Interpretation of “Table; A public action,” by Ana Fernandez (performed with the Inter Media Department at California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA and Trade&Row):

I interpreted Ana Fernandez’s directions for “Table” with the Intermedia Department at CalArts and Trade&Row. I served lots of delicious snacks including fruit, pie, cookies, nuts, cake and various fizzy drinks, making sure that everyone was satisfied. The dress was a Carmen Miranda inspired number from a thrift store in Hawaii. We discussed a number of topics including the divergent graphic design strategies of each candidate, the way the internet has affected the presidential campaign and how people speak with their families about politics. Many people at the table recalled the mass emails they were exchanging about the election with their childhood neighbors, from small towns in Wyoming to large metropolises in Korea. After the performance was over one of the students (also a friend) told me I had misinterpreted the original directions, to which I reluctantly agreed.

Performance Directions

Do you feel different now?
October 13, 2008

Imagine that your preferred candidate has just won the 2008 US presidential elections.
Does the world feel different to you (does the drive to work look differently, do you speak to your friends in a new way, absorb the news with an altered reaction, kiss your lover with more______)?

To be performed publicly and privately, alone or in groups.


Elana Mann (b.1980), the organizer and a participant of Exchange Rate: 2008, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Mann’s artwork investigates the theatrics of everyday life and the potentials of social exchange. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally including; “From A to B,” (Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2008), “The Collective Body” (Galerie Califia, Czech Republic, 2007), and “Abre-Alas” (A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, BR, 2007). From 2004-7 Mann organized “TROCA: Brasil/US” an art exchange between artists from the United States and Brazil. In 2007 Mann co-organized “Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions; 2007 CalArts Feminist Art Project.” Mann received an MFA in 2007 from California Institute of the Arts. Her projects have been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times, NPR, Artweek, O Globo, O Jornal do Brasil and Veja magazine. For more information please visit


Improvised Balloon Device, 2007

Evidence: Embroid, Embroil, 2008