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Eric Lindley

Performance Interpretation

Eric Lindley interpreted a piece by Bruce Conkle on Nov. 3 in New York City at the “HABEAS LOUNGE,” a project by Linda Pollack, in the CUNY graduate galleries.

“I would like to include some of the constraints I used for my performance of Bruce Conkle’s piece. I stipulated that the fireplace be built to the life-size measurements of the oval office fireplace, and that I, as the performer was only allowed to build it using yarn, while participants from the audience were invited to build it using the clothing they wore when they entered the building. That might explain why the yarn structure was fairly complete, with some sparse additions of clothing here and there.”
– Eric Lindley

Performance Directions

I was born into a nautilus brain—California.

Instructions: So you should grow something secretly in an unsafe place. You should make a map and put that map in a safe place that someone might find. Make it, the map, explicit-if-oblique.

Make a small show of finding the map, taken or untouched.

This will take days, I think.


Eric makes aural, visual and relational pieces in order to structure interactions within and between people. He just graduated with an MFA at Cal Arts in Music, Critical and Creative Writing, and Integrated Media.