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Jean Pierre Lapeyre

Performance Interpretation

Jean Pierre Lapeyre interpreted a piece by Zackary Drucker on Oct. 11 out in the countryside miles from a decent waterhole.

Performance Directions


The Origin of Jack the Hard Worker

Jack the Hard Worker was born on earth but in a different universe to this one. Plato sometimes mentions a realm of true form this is Jack’s home. Jack grew up in the countryside with his Washer Woman mother in a Scotland very different to ours it looks more like our ancient China. When his mother died his self-appointed godfather Monkey Great Sage Equal of Heaven (documented in Journey to the west by Wu Cheng en) took him away for training. There he learned a great deal about himself and became involved with artists particularly some scoundrels called the Stuckists. At some point Jack became a socialist and decided to save all universes with his superpower of work. He built a machine that can cross time and space and now travels throughout all dimensions attempting to find solutions to the problems he comes across.