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Michael Lazar, Marc Lewis and Linda Rosenthal Nathanson

Performance Interpretation

Michael Lazar and Marc Lewis and Linda Rosenthal Nathanson interpreted a piece by Danielle Adair on Sunday, Oct. 19, morning in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Performance Directions

You will need:

5 pieces of large cardboard
5 friends, relatives, acquaintances or strangers (up to you), or just one – five times over
1 pencil
1 pair of scissors
Twigs or sticks


In a sunny location set up the cardboard so that they stand vertical (e.g. tape to a wall). Get said friend, relative, acquaintance or stranger to stand/sit/crouch in front of wall so that he or she casts a shadow on the cardboard. Use an external light if needed. Trace out shadow on cardboard. Cut out traced shadows. Repeat four (4) times.

These are the lesser-known “shadow votes” (Yes. There is such a thing).

Using string, twigs or sticks, create a large mobile using the cutouts as the main elements. Hang mobile from ceiling or if outside, from other convenient location. Behold! These are the notorious “swing voters” (for all you Americans) or “floating voters” (for the Brits among us).

Time for a little improvised interpretive pagan dance around the mobile.


Michael Lazar and Marc Lewis have been working together since 1998. While they are becoming increasing known for their sculptural work in metal, they have begun to produce and participate in large, cross-disciplinary projects involving music and sound, choreography and dance, light and of course, their sculptures or photographs. They currently work and live in Israel.