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Jason Kunke

Performance Interpretation

Jason Kunke interpreted two pieces, one by Eva Jung and “Ammunation Script” by Emery Martin. Both were performed on Nov. 4, the latter at the Exchange Rate: 2008 event in Los Angeles, CA, the former at the artist’s home.

Interpretation of “Ammunation Script” by Emery Martin.

Interpretation of Eva Jung’s directions:

Performance Directions

Below is the text for a “Political Speech for a Hydra”. It must be delivered publicly, by a single orator, and must not be edited. It should be delivered in a manner consistent with political speeches, with gravity and purpose.

(click to download Jason Kunke’s speech in English)
(click to download Jason Kunke’s speech in Spanish)

Interpreted by:
Ana Fernandez
Emery Martin


Jason Kunke is an artist based in Los Angeles. His practice includes sculpture, drawing, installation, video, and performance. His art examines the gray area where what we think overlaps with how we think. He received his MFA from CalArts in 2007, and his BFA (with a minor in sociology) from University of Houston in 2004. He studied at Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art in 2004. His art has shown nationally at Polvo in Chicago, Commerce Street Artist Warehouse in Houston, and Sea and Space Explorations in Los Angeles.