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Søren Thilo Funder & Stine Marie Jacobsen

Performance Interpretation

Please consider the following:
(Interpretation of Sara Robert’s piece untitled music for everyone performed on Monday, Oct. 6 from 6-8pm at Koh-i-noor gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark)

On the 6th of October 2008 a group of people got together in the Danish art space Koh-i-noor and wrote down a ‘heartful prayer’ to the American voting public based on a prior discussion of the instruction and context. The outcome of the discussion was written down on a piece of paper, which will be posted up until the election on the 4th of Nov. 2008 on different public message boards all over Copenhagen, illustrating that the election in America has importance locally as well as globally.

Performance Directions

Let us spell it out for you

An audience spells out a speech.
The spelling is constructed as a spelling bee.
One by one the audience steps into a voting booth, where they are
asked to spell out a specific word aloud and write it into a computer.
The word is being told to them as soon as they have entered the voting
One by one the words spell out a specific text, that question the
problematics of the democratic process and the action of voting. The
text that is being created in the booth will be projected on an
outside wall of the building wherever the performance will take place.

Audience directions:

1. Get into a line in front of a voting booth.
2. Step into the voting booth when asked to.
3. Someone will tell you to spell out a specific word, don’t repeat
the word in its
whole, only spell it out aloud and write the word on the computer
in the voting
4. Leave the booth when you have spelled the word and get back into
line, the line
continues until the text is finished and the performance ends.

Interpreted by:
Sara Roberts


At first they were enemies, but in time they realized they had common goals and found a way to join forces. Now, in perfect unity, they would create new works that would change the art world. They started working together a few years ago. There was a special connection the minute they met. It was one of the most beautiful experiences they had ever had and it would become the beginning of a long and prosperous professional relationship. Thilo Funder a political activist and video artist, Jacobsen a gender political performer and stand up art comedian, they now make up a perfect team. Within a performative field they create new perspectives on popular media and contemporary society, always with a strong connection to the site at hand, the context surrounding it and in the realm between truth and fiction. They have produced various works such as a long durational mimetic performance of stagnation in front of billboards and a permanent public monument touching upon a myth about Danish colonists in Iceland.