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Lora Ivanova

Performance Interpretation

Lora Ivanova interpreted a piece by Pablo Rasgado and Kelly Kleinschrodt at the Nov. 4 Exchange Rate: 2008 election night event in Los Angeles, CA.

As the election polls became results, artist Lora Ivanova performed an interpretive pole dance titled “From Seduction to Cynicism” The piece reflected on the status quo of international affairs creating a kinetic portrait of a super power gone bad and engrossed by insatiable self-indulgence, materialism and lack of self-control. Will there be change? Based on performance instructions by Pablo Rasgado and Kelly Kleinschrodt with choreography assistance by Rona Gonzales.

Performance Directions


– window, open, opening, real or imaginary
– person/you (woman/man/child/fictional character) shows up or stands in the window
– in the phrase ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE ____ ANYMORE!’ fill in the blank
– write, enact, whisper, say, or yell the phrase as you feel is necessary. Show your emotion or thought in the intonation, manner of expression. Feel free to change or omit the words underlined
– you are symbolically a clock’s cuckoo and the phrase is the sounding of the clock in the hour of decisions, your voice trying to impact or reflect on those decisions. Decisions of others
– repeat as many times as necessary
– document, document, document with photos/video

Should you find yourself in a rut, watch a movie: The Network (in fact the phrase above refers to a specific scene in the film) and Wag the Dog (a great presidential elections piece/food for thought)

Questions?: Cheers!

Interpreted by:
Luchezar Boyadjiev


Lora Ivanova is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis’ schools of Theatre and Film with an independent focus in Directing. She spent the earlier part of her career in Europe as part of the experimental physical theatre ensemble Naked Snail. She is a founding member of the Art Players ensemble in Hollywood and SKIN collaborative. Lora is a versatile artist whose work explores issues of identity, behavior patterns, habitual perceptions, conformism, and reality. For more information please visit


I See (You See) 2003, Hotchner Studio

I See (You See) 2003, Hotchner Studio